Volvo S60 suspension systems will provide an excellent ride experience for the first 3-5 years after the vehicle leaves the factory. Slowly over time many of the rubber components will start deteriorating. This slow degradation of the rubber components in Struts, Shocks, Mounts & Bushings will cause small sometimes barely visible cracks or pinholes that will cause gas or oil in the system to slowly escape. When there is a gas or oil leak in your Volvo S60 suspension system, it can cause other components to over work and fail. When Volvo S60 struts or shocks fail, your Volvo S60 is nearly impossible to drive. Miessler Automotive provides many solutions for your suspension repair at a fraction of Dealership prices. We offer many OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and Miessler Automotive Aftermarket Parts, New or Remanufactured, including Struts, Shocks, Mounts, Bushings, Height Sensors and more. Our friendly staff is available to assist you and your satisfaction is our guarantee! You may contact us for any questions or recommendations. We are here to help your Volvo S60 get back on the road!